Chronic dynamic cervical intervertebral disc disease (Wobbler) has been reported to benefit from some form of distraction and fusion of the affected vertebral segments. The established fusion cage systems on the market have to fight the limits of generalising, where the implant design has to follow the principle “one shape – fits all”. SpineTECH on the contrary, is constructed such as to match the unique anatomical features of the patient’s specific anatomy, re-establishing physiological alignment of the two affected vertebrae, including correction of dorsal tipping, while at the same time providing strong bridging with strong locking screw fixation. Because the cage system serves as its own drill guide, screw placement is completely without risks, making the procedure the safest available today. Topological optimization of the cage also improves biomechanical compatibility, reducing the risk of progressive subsidence of the cage into the vertebral end plates and subsequent loss of distraction.

We include all necessary instrumentation on a free on loan basis, to spare you from investing in specific tools, which might not be otherwise used on a regular base.

Upload your image data with some sort of scale (for final planning we will need CT or MRI) along with some background data regarding the patient and we will make you an offer without any obligation. Make sure to provide cervical images with and without axial distraction, to allow for optimal assessment of physiological intervertebral disc height.