Indicated for focal resurfacing of Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD) or traumatic (osteo)chrondral lesions using an individually shaped fully synthetic biphasic implant composed of a titanium socket – for bone fixation and mechanical support – and a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) cup as bearing surface.



Opposed to full metal implants, TPU mimics to a great extent the elastic properties of hyaline cartilage, enabling a long-lasting function with no or only minimal wear at the opposing cartilage surface ( Both, the metallic socket as well as the TPU bearing surface are custom shaped, perfectly fitting to the individual local anatomy and thereby restoring physiological joint surface geometry and contact. Primary indications are OCD lesions in the shoulder, the elbow, the stifle and the tibio-tarsal (hock) joint. In general, biological defect reconstruction is always preferred over synthetic techniques and especially in the stifle joint, immediate reconstruction with autologous bone transplants should be the first choice. However, in case of unavailability of (sufficient) osteochondral transplants (either auto- or allografts), concerns about donor site morbidity and associated potential complications or in case of difficulties in finding a geometrically matching donor site (such as for talar OCD), synthetic custom-made implants overcome all these limitations. Anchorage is similar to traditional osteochondral transfer procedures, where the implants are press fitted into the recipient area. The titanium socked with its dedicated surface finish stimulates both bone on-growth and in-growth, assuring stable fixation, also on long-term, while the TPU assures only minimal wear and minimal debris formation for years.

Another advantage of such custom-made osteochondral implants, is the simplicity in guiding the surgeon through the procedure in the OR, by providing, along with the implant, the specific drill guides for perfect implant positioning.

In addition, we ship a complete set of extra guides and a bone model of the affected joint to allow for dry-lab training in each individual case, which further reduces p.o. complications thus enabling also the less experienced surgeons to achieve consistent outcomes.

Last but not least, we include all the necessary instrumentation/reamers on a free on loan basis, to spare you from investing in specific tools, which might not be otherwise used on a regular base.

Upload your image data with some sort of scale (for final planning we will need CT) along with some background data regarding the patient and the challenge you are facing, and we will make you an offer without any obligation.

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